I have worked and empowered many in the field of Mental Health for over 20 years.I did not know at the start of my loss this will be an invaluable resource to draw on.The knowledge / information l gave support groups to facilitate ,equip,empower and others became my source of reference.

I recalled that the first thing to do when your body goes into any form of shock is to find ways to nourish, maintain your health and body.l would need it at its peak, both physically and mentally to perform and manage the present and the future.

For Mental strength l drew solely on my faith,literally calling out to my Heavenly God/Creator to equip and empower me to stand.Some will define it as the spirit in them,that enables you to survive any trial.

I prayed for 7 days and after l felt my inner soul was equipped to face laying my late husband to rest.Praying for me meant reading the words in the Bible and repeating words from it that affirmed me and shifted my fears and doubts.I also fasted in this period – only able to from 12 midnight to 12noon,drinking just water and fruits.Some will call this a detox.

I am signing off now join me next time to learn how we are able to hope and love in spite of the most difficult loss.

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