Loss shakes all things we are used to and more.So holding on to what is familiar is crucial.Perhaps when you decide to return to work it is best not to change jobs yet until after the first year of loss.

In the interim you could explore how to improve your skills and generate more income or flexible working.Do not make any drastic commitments until when you are feeling emotionally stronger.

Going back to work with familiar colleagues and systems means you do not have the added complication of going to a new work setting.When returning to work ask to be weaned gradually back in.

The routine will strengthen you as you engage in some form of normality.Also go to clubs or groups you were members of before your husband died. E.g Parent groups,neighbourhood support networks or church gatherings.This will give you some form of stability and security. As you grow stronger so will your children.

Drastic or sudden changes to your day to day routine can make you insecure as you are still emotionally fragile.So stay with the familiar as much as possible,keep your children in the same school as having the same friends will strengthen and support them.

Signing off now,there is always hope after loss.

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