Walking out of widowhood started as a spiritual walk from within my Soul! This is an internal desire that comes from within which claims not to be beaten by my circumstances. We are blessed with such inner strength gifted to us by God.

In my grief I could still make up my mind on not accepting defeat and so can you, whatever situation you find yourself. Loss comes in different forms e.g. divorce, unemployment, disappointment, misplacement, ill health etc.

My Blog started less than a year ago to express how I have managed this recovery. I have now released an eBook. It is a Book giving spiritual and physical strategies to make this leap successful. The content can be applied to any other grieving process.

I Hope it inspires you and affirms there is always Hope after loss despite how bleak your situation may look.

Find the link below the capture. I am launching the book in November,2020 on Facebook Live – look out for it. It will be an opportunity to ask questions.  

For a personal chat you can contact me at:  

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