All Praise to God who makes all things possible for you!

Morning and Evening

Morning, November 17

To whom be glory forever. Amen – Rom 11:36

“To Him be glory forever!” This should be the single desire of the Christian. All other wishes must be subservient and tributary to this one. The Christian may wish for prosperity in his business but only so far as it may help him to promote this, “To Him be glory forever!” He may desire to attain more gifts and more graces but it should only be that “To Him may be glory forever!” You are not acting as you ought to—when you are moved by any other motive than a single eye to your Lord’s glory.

As a Christian, you are “of God, and through God.” Then see to it that you live “to God.” Let nothing ever set your heart beating so mightily—as love to Him. Let this ambition fire your soul. Let this be the foundation of every enterprise upon which you enter and your sustaining motive whenever your zeal would grow chill. Make God your only object. Depend upon it, where SELF begins—sorrow begins! But if God is my supreme delight and only object, to me it is equal whether He ordains life or death; ease or pain!

Let your desire for God’s glory be a growing desire. You blessed Him in your youth, do not be content with such praises as you gave Him then. Has God prospered you in business? Give Him more—as He has given you more. Has God given you greater grace? Praise Him by stronger faith than you exercised at first. Does your knowledge grow? Then sing more sweetly. Do you enjoy happier times than you once had? Have you been restored from sickness, and has your sorrow been turned into peace and joy? Then give Him more music; put more coals and more sweet frankincense into the censer of your praise!

Practically in your life give Him honor, putting the “Amen!” to this doxology to your great and gracious Lord, by your own individual service and increasing holiness!

Published by yemi278

I loss my husband over 6 years ago.I am a mother of two daughters.I have worked for over 20 years in Mental Health - empowering and giving holistic support to adults with long term Mental health challenges. I have seen through my work human beings have the ability and inner strength to survive any form of loss with the right support from family,friends and community.

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