Happiness versus Blessedness?

Streams in the Desert In Me In me … peace – John 16:33 There is a vast difference between happiness and blessedness. Paul had imprisonments and pains, sacrifice and suffering up to the very limit; but in the midst of it all, he was blessed. All the beatitudes came into his heart and life inContinue reading “Happiness versus Blessedness?”

How do you fair on the Great Tests of Life?

Streams in the Desert Being Proven There he proved them – Exod 15:25 I stood once in the test room of a great steel mill. All around me were little partitions and compartments. Steel had been tested to the limit, and marked with figures that showed its breaking point. Some pieces had been twisted untilContinue reading “How do you fair on the Great Tests of Life?”

When all is done be patient!

Streams in the Desert Ordering the Stops In waiting, I waited, for the Lord – Ps 40:1 Waiting is much more difficult than walking. Waiting requires patience, and patience is a rare virtue. It is fine to know that God builds hedges around His people—when the hedge is looked at from the viewpoint of protection.Continue reading “When all is done be patient!”